The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.

J.M. Barrie
Peter Pan

Home, tuned into you.

Incredible experiences happen when everything falls into place. Light, smell, music are adjusted to elevate your experiences.

Light that makes you thrive

Power Light is designed to keep your body healthy by following your cicadian rhythms. Adjust the light to your adventures, and create mindblowing atmospheres.

Enchant your senses

With Power Essence, program your bedroom to diffuse eucalyptus in the morning and lavender in the evening.

Music never tasted so good

We know what it's like to love music. With speakers turning on automatically as you enter a new room, Power never breaks the flow.


Gesture Control

Some moments are too important to be interrupted. Control volume and tracks without a word.


Mood Recognition

With mood recognition, let Power be the DJ of your dinner with friends or ecstatic 2 AM opera session.


Continuous experience

Never miss a note. Speakers automatically turn on as you enter a new room.


Light Immersion

Dive deep into the melody. Let the light dance with the music and enchant your soul.

Entertainment without friction

Let nothing stand between you and your show.

Speak and play
Raise your hand, "Play Breaking Bad." Done.

You are the remote
Pause? Stop? Next? Just use your hand.


The future of personal computing is here

You no longer surf the web, the web surfs you. Power understands your flow.

Your house can help you enhance your posture, track your stamina over time, track your food intake and advise you on nutrition, provide sleep tracking.
Place a call anywhere, perfect voice optimization in every room. Smart interactions with the world (Go to sleep and only specific topics or people can wake you up).
In any conversation, in a call or in person, ask questions to Power, it'll feed the answer right back in the flow. Our Smart Memory technology allows you to retrieve information from your web history or your day at the beach using contextual information only. Example: show him the picture we took at Dan's wedding.


Summer 2017
October 2017
May 2018
Beta Test
Summer 2018
September 2018
Release v1.0

Easy to install

Step into the future today. Our state of the art algorithms are running on robust and carefully designed hardware.
All proudly developed in .


For your home to understand you. One per room is ideal.

Power Sky

Ceiling light with built-in sensor

Power Sense

Standalone sensor


To have magical experiences.

Powercast Music

Real time audio jack dongle

Power TV

4K HDMI TV dongle

Power Bulb

Color changing light bulb