Welcome to the future of housing
We build magical homes.
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with computing power in every wall,
your home flows with life.

The most advanced sensory perception softwares running on a
mesh of astonishingly precise hardware, all designed with privacy in mind.

Speech recognition with perfect voice isolation

Gesture recognition with pose tracking

Scene and object recognition

Music never tasted so good
We know what it's like to love music. We created algorithms to perfectly recognize your intention and never break the flow. The state of the art of sound systems is built in the walls: room to room, the bliss will follow.

Gesture control
Some moments are too important to be interrupted. Control volume and tracks without a word.

Mood recognition
With mood recognition, let Power be the DJ of your dinner with friends or ecstatic 2 AM opera session.

Sound targetting
Never miss a note with sound waves constantly adjusted to target your position in the room.

Light immersion
Dive deep into the melody. Let the light dance with the music and enchant your soul.

The right atmosphere, at all times
Incredible experiences happen when everything falls into place.

Intelligent lights
Lighting is an art. We are extremely sensitive to light, its intensity and frequency modulate our state of mind. Power makes sure to adjust the light to your adventures, to respect your circadian rhythms but also to create mindblowing atmospheres.

Perfect breeze
Temperature as well as smell using essential oil diffusers, are managed by Power. At bedtime, the temperature in your bedroom adjusts itself to provide a comfortable night based on constant analysis of your sleep. You'll never be too hot, or too cold.

Create amazing experiences
You can engineer your own atmospheres or download them on the store. Maybe you'd like to wake up with the lights gently increasing and birds singing. Then, you'd like the bathroom to smell eucalyptus and play hawaiian music. Express yourself in creative ways and enhance your daily experience.

The future of personal computing is here
You no longer surf the web, the web surfs you. Power understands your flow.

Your house can help you enhance your posture, track your stamina over time, track your food intake and advise you on nutrition, provide sleep tracking.

Place a call anywhere, perfect voice optimization in every room. Smart interactions with the world (Go to sleep and only specific topics or people can wake you up).

In any conversation, in a call or in person, ask questions to Power, it'll feed the answer right back in the flow. Our Smart Memory technology allows you to retrieve information from your web history or your day at the beach using contextual information only. Example: show him the picture we took at Dan's wedding.

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Vision - Humans are incredibly powerful when they're in flow. We create technologies that enhance life without disconnecting you from it, so that you can unleash your inner power.

Everything we build is designed with harmony in mind. We are meticulous about privacy and environment protection. We believe that well designed products can greatly enhance society and promote coordination between humans and their environment.
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